Runway Guard Lights


Carmanah solar elevated runway guard lights (ERGL) provide 24-hour unidirectional flashing to aid in reducing airfield incursions at unmarked runway and taxiway intersections. The ERGL installs in minutes with no trenching, cabling, or external power, and can be relocated just as quickly.

An ideal choice for airfields that require improved safety measures, but experience difficulties with grid access, a solar ERGL makes it even easier to retrofit existing runways with this effective and preventative solution.

Elevated runway guard lights provide 24-hour unidirectional marking at runway and taxiway intersections

Installs in minutes and can be relocated just as quickly

Includes LED lights, frangible column, and tether

Fixture flash-rate is controlled from an intelligent lighting control system module located in the SEPS; alternating flashes, 45–50 per minute

Can be aimed both vertically and horizontally and has an adjustable light beam: 0° to 20° vertically; ±20° horizontally

Significant reduction of maintenance costs and relamping expenses through long-lasting LED technology—average LED life of 56,000 hours under high-intensity conditions and more than 100,000 hours under actual operating conditions

Engineered for reliable performance, the energy management system (EMS) monitors and adapts brightness to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life under tough conditions

Autonomy (operation without solar charging) 7+ days—scalable to meet requirements up to 40 days

Battery life: 5+ years

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Save money with no electrical infrastructure or electrical work required. No transformers, regulators, or cabling necessary. No electricity costs or costly maintenance.


Installs in minutes instead of weeks—no trenching or specialized work crew required. No heavy machinery, trenching, or cabling makes installation quick and easy.


Lights have a product lifetime of over 20 years with no maintenance for seven years on average. Built to withstand the toughest conditions and extreme temperatures.

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